Omsom in Retail

Can I find Omsom near me?

Select Omsom products can be found at various retailer partners. Check out our store finder to find a location near you!

What flavors can I find at my local store?

If you are on a mission for a specific Omsom flavor, we recommend calling a store directly to find out what they carry from Omsom.

My favorite Omsom product isn’t available at my local store! What do I do?

Don’t worry, you can still purchase all flavors directly from us on our site! We hope to bring more of our flavors into retail in the near future.

Why is Omsom in the “ethnic” aisle at my grocery store?

Great question! As a brand that’s been very vocal about the “ethnic” aisle’s shortcomings, being sold here feels bittersweet.

On one hand, this is the reality of institutions like grocery stores. There are systems and categorizations set in place for generations, and we’re trying our best to fit within them.

On the other hand, we’re deeply grateful for a national launch into retail. There is such an amazing opportunity for our emerging, WOC-led brand – to shake the aisle up from inside. We won’t stop talking about the need to diversify the American grocery store and debunking the tropes that paint the legacy of Asian American food - that it’s cheap, unhealthy, or so ‘exotic’ that it can’t be eaten weekly. This is just the beginning. Thanks for being along for the ride.

Omsom isn’t sold near me. When can I see it come to my local shop?

We’d love your support in amplifying awareness for our product and that’s the best way to get our name out there.

Tell your local store staff you’d love for them to carry Omsom!

I’m a stockist who wants to carry Omsom! Who do I contact?

We’d love to discuss. Reach out to to share what you’re looking for!

I picked up your product at a retailer and have an issue. What do I do?

If you are seeking a return, the best place to take it is to the store you purchased it from. However, we always love to hear customer feedback, so if you’re up for sharing your retail experience please email us at

Nutrition + Ingredients

Where can I find the nutrition info for each product?

To find the nutrition + full ingredients list info for all our products, check out our Try 'Em All Set product page and click "see nutrition + ingredients." You can also find full nutrition + ingredients info on each individual product page under "see nutrition + ingredients."

Are your products gluten-free? Vegan / vegetarian? Organic? Non-GMO?

All of Omsom products are certified gluten-free!

For vegan diets, we recommend trying our East Asian line, which features all vegan products including Japanese Yuzu Miso Glaze, Spicy Mala Sauce, and Korean Spicy Bulgogi. Within our Southeast Asian line, the Filipino Sisig is also a great vegan option!

Our products are not certified organic, but Omsom maintains a strong commitment to ethical sourcing and flavors created the right way: our products contain no preservatives, no artificial flavors, and no high-fructose corn syrup. Our Thai Larb, Thai Krapow, Korean Spicy Bulgogi, Japanese Yuzu Miso Glaze, and Vietnamese Lemongrass BBQ are all Non-GMO verified.  

We reject common short-cuts and substitutes in mass market R&D by regularly sampling from 15+ suppliers for a single ingredient, importing 90+% ingredients from Asia that aren’t currently being brought in by any other food brands, and working with our Tastemaker chefs who have generational roots in the recipes behind the products.

Do your products contain MSG?

Currently, none of Omsom’s products contain MSG. 

However, as an Asian food brand, MSG is an ingredient we have a lot of love for. For too long, MSG has been slandered by antiquated stereotypes, bad science, and anti-Asian xenophobia. Here’s the scoop: MSG is 100% safe, plant-based, and naturally found in beloved foods like fish, cheese, and tomatoes! You can read more about its history here.

What are the heat levels of your starters?

Here are our products in order from not spicy to very spicy:

Lemongrass BBQ + Yuzu Misoyaki are not spicy (0 peppers)

Sisig + Spicy Bulgogi are mild (1 pepper)

Mala + Krapow are spicy (2 peppers)

Larb is very spicy (3 peppers)

Do your products contain peanuts?

Our products are peanut-free (no peanut ingredients in any of our flavors) and are manufactured in a facility that is also peanut-free.

However, some of our raw ingredients come from suppliers who process peanuts in their facilities. While we believe the risk to be low, we do not currently make the claim that we are peanut free to be safe. As a result, we would advise that you err on the side of caution if you have a severe allergy and consult with your doctor to determine your risk level.

We are working towards implementing testing of our products to back up a peanut free claim in the future. Please stay tuned!


What exactly is a starter?

Our starters are a ready-to-use packet that serves as the foundation of a specific Asian dish. Each starter combines all the sauces, aromatics, seasonings, citruses, and oils that decades of tradition call for. All packed into a pantry shortcut that is the real deal.

Just rip, pour, and fire it up with your favorite proteins and vegetables. Discover more recipes.

Where are your products made?

All of our products are made in the United States. We work tirelessly to make sure our products are 100% of the highest quality and 100% damn delicious!

Do your products require refrigeration? How long do they last?

Our products do not require refrigeration. However, please be sure to refrigerate your starter if you've opened it.

As always, everything is made the Omsom way: no preservatives, no artificial flavors, and no high-fructose corn syrups. All damn good.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Omsom is committed to investing in sustainable packaging. Our Starter 3-Pack boxes, Sampler Trio boxes, shipping boxes, and padded mailers are all 100% recyclable. Because our individual starter packets need to provide adequate protection and durability from a food safety standpoint, these are the only packaging element that cannot be recycled.

Orders, Shipping, + Returns

Do you have a return policy?

Unfortunately we don't currently offer returns or exchanges due to the nature of our products. If there is an issue with your order please reach out at

When will my order ship?

We offer standard (4-7 business days), expedited (3-4 business days), and rush (1-3 business days) shipping.

Once your package leaves our fulfillment center, transit time will vary depending on your location. We’ll send you tracking information as soon as your order has shipped.

Note that we, as well as many small businesses, are experiencing supply chain shortages with our distribution partners. We do our best to update the status of our inventory in real time, so that you know if an item is on pre-order ahead of purchase.

My tracking info says my order was delivered, but I haven't received anything. What do I do?

We know it’s the worst when this happens! We’ve been having issues with mistimed tracking info, so please wait 48 hours (and be sure to check surrounding areas and with your neighbors!). If your package still hasn’t arrived, please feel free to reach out to us

Omsom is not responsible for delayed, unclaimed, or returned orders due to incorrect or undeliverable addresses or delays caused by our delivery partners due to weather or other causes beyond our control. 

Do you ship outside the US?

Not yet! Right now, we only ship within the United States, but we hope to bring Omsom to the world eventually. If Not yet! Right now, we only ship within the contiguous United States, but we hope to bring Omsom to the world eventually. If you want Omsom in your country, drop us a line on social or at

Oh no, I entered the wrong shipping address!

Unfortunately, Omsom cannot change addresses once your order is submitted. We have language on our product pages to remind customers to double check their order information before hitting submit. Omsom is not responsible for delayed, unclaimed, or returned orders due to incorrect or undeliverable addresses entered by the user.

I’d like to place multiple gift orders to different addresses. Do I need to place a separate order for each?

Yes - at this time, we aren't able to handle multiple addresses on an individual order. Gift purchases must be made separately.

I ordered an item on Pre-order, when can I anticipate it shipping out?

As with many other small businesses, we’re experiencing significant delays due to supply chain disruptions. Our fulfillment partner has much more limited staffing and our shipping carriers are facing many delays across the board. 

Our operations team has been working tirelessly to have all orders processed and shipped out as quickly as possible. While we aren’t able to provide any additional updates once your order leaves our warehouse, we’re happy to help with any other questions or concerns you may have in the meantime. Reach out to us at for an update. We truly appreciate your patience as we navigate these challenges together.

My order contained a pre-order item, and others in stock. Will they all ship out together?

If your order includes an item on pre-order, your order will ship out once the pre-ordered item is in stock.

Omsom is having a sale, can I get a discount on my previous order?

We rarely run sales at Omsom, but when we do we want as many customers as possible to be able to take advantage of the opportunity! If you placed an order within seven days before our sale launched, you can write to us to receive a price adjustment.

I received a credit code! Where do I redeem it?

You must enter your code upon check-out to apply any discount. 

I have another question about my order!

Shoot us a note!


I’m interested in a subscription - what are the benefits? How is it different than a one-time purchase?

Thanks so much for your interest! With your Omsom subscription, you’ll not only save 10% on your order each month, you’ll also become an Omsom Fam VIP and get early access to product drops, exclusive recipes and content — plus your first order comes with a lil’ surprise goodie.

And no worries about being locked in — you can customize, pause, and cancel your subscription at any time!

I’d like to pause, skip, change the delivery frequency for my subscription.

You can login to your subscription account, and pause, skip or cancel anytime! If you need any additional assistance, email us at

With subscription, how often will you deliver my starters?

You can choose your own delivery frequency from either every 4, 6, or 8 weeks - you'll find the frequency selection menu on each product page.

Even More About Us

What does "Omsom" mean?

Our name originates in "om sòm," a Vietnamese phrase meaning noisy, rambunctious, riotous. Learn more about our story.

Who is behind Omsom?

Omsom is founded by Vanessa and Kim Pham, two first-generation Vietnamese sisters building the food brand of our dreams — here to give you our most and the most in flavor, integrity, and all around fiery vibes. Learn more about the Pham sisters.

How are your Tastemaker chefs involved?

Omsom's mission is to honor Asian dishes, cuisines, and communities through our products with cultural integrity. With that north star in mind, Omsom partners with “Tastemakers” to craft our starters - they are iconic chefs who, like us, have connections to these flavors that run deep.

They’re not just our ambassadors - our  Tastemakers are involved every step of the way. From collaborating on R&D to advising us on recipes, Omsom deeply values their input throughout the product development journey.

In exchange for their hard work, creativity, and expertise, the chefs receive a royalty fee - meaning that they earn a cut of sales of starters sold in their cuisine. We firmly believe that rising tides raise all boats, and that is reflected in our collaboration with our Tastemakers.


Are you hiring? How can I get involved?

Our family is always growing. Continue to check out our careers page on our site for any openings! If you’re a fit please apply!

Get in touch

I have another question!

Didn't find what you were looking for? Shoot us an email at Note that we cannot respond to every single inbound partnership, but we really do our best to read everything that comes our way!

I’m a journalist and have a question for the founders!

For sure - send your inquiry over to

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