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Omsom 101: Meet Vietnamese Lemongrass BBQ

By Kim Pham

Thịt nướng (which literally translates to "grilled meat") is a classic Vietnamese family party dish - so welcome to our house! 👐

Vietnamese Lemongrass BBQ Thit Nuong

Lemongrass BBQ is always served at summer Viet family parties ☀️

It gets rowdy - uncles huddled around drinking Heineken, young "cousins" (who you're almost sure you're not actually related to) running around, karaoke blaring somewhere 🎤

This dish pulls it all together - traditionally, thịt nướng is sweet, aromatic pork marinated overnight and grilled outdoors 🔥 It's served atop rice noodles with crisp veggies (lettuce, cucumber, pickled carrot + daikon) and fresh mint and cilantro *chefs kiss*

Lemongrass is the true star of the marinade, giving the protein a bright, citrusy flavor 💫

Slather it with scallion oil and top with roasted peanuts and nước mắm (Viet fish sauce) for a sumptuous, delicious dish!

(It almost makes up for the incessant questioning of our life choices by our relatives. Almost.) 

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