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Omsom 101: Meet Filipino Sisig

By Kim Pham

Sisig Sauce

Sisig has a unique and complex history, reflective of its country of origin

Filipino pork sisig

Tangy, savory, and a touch spicy - sisig is an absolute texture and flavor bomb 💣

The earliest version of the sisig we know and love (traditionally made with parts of a pig's head like snout, ear, and cheek, as well as chicken liver) was first created in Angeles City, Pampanga 💡

Like many Asian dishes, sisig’s birth is a reflection of what was accessible and economical.

Pampangan communities used the pig heads discarded by American military bases and transformed them into the centerpiece of this delicious dish ✨

Calamansi is what gives sisig its signature tartness - also known as Philippine lime, this citrus fruit is ubiquitous throughout Pinoy cuisine. We searched far and wide for a fresh calamansi puree, which is featured in our Filipino Sisig Starter!

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