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Omsom 101: What's a starter,...

BY: Kim Pham

Omsom 101: What's a starter, anyway?

Welcome to Omsom 101: a short lil' series on our proud and loud food brand. Every day, class is in session - but we're confident you'll ace this one!

By the end of Omsom 101, you will have:

🙏🏽 A deeper understanding of 3 iconic Southeast Asian dishes

👀 An insider look into 3 NYC chefs pushing the boundaries of Asian cuisine + culture

💪 The confidence to whip up unapologetic Asian flavors in your kitchen - no need to order delivery or call mom

(And for real, graduation is going to be damn tasty!)

First things first: what's a starter, anyway?

Omsom starter gid

Starters are pantry shortcuts for specific Asian dishes.

All the sauces, aromatics, and seasonings you need are packed into an easy-to-use pouch - ready for you to rip, pour, and fire up 🔥

No need to hunt down hard-to-find ingredients and build a separate pantry for each cuisine. All you need is to bring your own protein and veggies to the party for a delicious meal!


You're just minutes away from a real deal Asian meal - here's to no more false start(er)s!

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