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Omsom x Piecework: The birth of “Omsomnia”

By Kim Pham

Whether it’s the pregame or the afterparty, hotpot is always the vibe 🔥

We collab’d with our friends at Piecework to drop “Omsomnia” —  a limited-edition puzzle celebrating the rowdy hotpot meal with the homies before (or after) a long night out! 🧩

We're so excited to share Omsomnia to the world - our ode to the beautiful affliction of a late, sleepless night with friends. From proudly + loudly indulging in stick-to-your-bones food (in this case, hot pot!) to dancing late into the evening, we are antsy to get back together, scarf down food, and hug our friends again. 

We chose to partner with Piecework on this incredible puzzle to bring joy + intentionality into your home, and celebrate the beauty of using your hands to re-engage with your heart. In or out of the home, we’re appreciating the opportunity to connect with one another and with ourselves 💛

Omsomnia feeds our souls - in more ways than one! Head over to Piecework’s website to purchase the puzzle! Don’t forget to grab some starters too, so you can enjoy a damn delicious meal  while you get into it! (It’s 1000-pieces — you’ll want to get comfy 😛)

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