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Give the Gift of Flavor

Omsom's beloved Noodles + Sauces are the ultimate gift for the foodies in your life

  • Iconic chef-driven recipes
  • Restaurant-quality meals in minutes
  • No artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Vegan and vegetarian friendly options
  • Gift Sets
  • Gift Sets
  • Meet The Tastemakers
  • Meet The Tastemakers

We partner with iconic Asian chefs to craft all of our products

Meet the Tastemakers
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Customer Reviews

Based on 180 reviews
Non harmful for Crack for adults

This is the best find ever! Addictive!! Super easy. I cook protein once a week. I microwaved peas and boiled noodles. Mix together and put on a bed of spring mix. Crack, and I'm now addicted.

Kim T.
So eassssyyy

This is the first easy filling meal that is well made I have had since basic ramen. And it’s soooo good and easy to make kudos to the team

William P.

Y’all, LAWD. It’s sooo good. There aren’t a ton of options for outfitting a full Asian pantry in Alabama (I’ve largely managed through mala market, burlap and barrel, etc), and sometimes you just want a quick but tasty meal after a long day without having to break out a mortar and pestle. Is it the same as making your own sauces from scratch? Well… No. But it’s nearly as good, is completely effortless, and doesn’t require stocking several hundred dollars of expensive spices/research of recipes, etc. If you have aged doubanjiang, high quality Szechuan peppercorn, aged Chinkiang vinegar, etc, etc, this won’t be a perfect substitute. But if you want tasty, quick, and all a neat little box, this is the way to go. I pan seared some shrimp and tossed in mine, and dabbed on a little extra chili crisp for texture. Loved it.

Sweta R.

Got the assortment of noodles pack and all of them are really good. Thinking of starting a subscription. Don't regret getting the noodles. Might try their sauces now.

Cheryl L.
Like it so much sent to our children

My wife and I enjoy your products so much for there quality, flavor and ease to make we send a sampler pack to our children

Jacqui P.

Each box should be 2 full servings. The flavor is good. When you add protein there is not enough sauce

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