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Omsom 101: Meet Thai Larb

Did you know? This dish was actually born in Laos!

By Kim Pham

Larb Sauce

Our current quarantine craving: Thai larb 🌶

(Did you know? This dish was actually born in Laos!)


Larb (or laab, lahp, + laap) originated in Laos, but over time, became very popular in Isan, a northeastern region in Thailand. Larb is a minced meat “salad,” traditionally made with ground pork or chicken. It is cooked with water (instead of oil) over low heat, keeping the protein soft and juicy 💦

Larb is a balanced dish - a perfect combination of sweet, sour, salty, and a punch of spice.

The most important ingredient is the toasted rice powder, made by roasting and crushing glutinous rice 🍚 This is then mixed into the protein after it is cooked, giving larb its deliciously subtle yet nutty aroma.

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